Dear Members,

Since starting work as treasurer of the Nevada-Utah Conference this last July, I am becoming acquainted with our churches, schools, and ministries. We have an incredible mission field and many opportunities in our conference. I am excited about the future, and also excited to share some of my thoughts and a few goals for the NUC treasury department:

Presently, we are focused on:

  • Being good stewards of our conference resources
  • Gaining trust through accurate and timely record-keeping
  • Strategic budgeting that doesn’t just improve our working capital but lays the opportunity for unique evangelism and growth

Some of our work to achieve these goals takes place at the local level, through:

  • Thorough training and mentoring for our volunteer treasurers
  • Providing members with resources for achieving financial freedom (We cannot ask people to give when they don’t have the resources to give.)

I am excited by our progress, and also by the opportunities we have to effectively impact our communities. Side note: I want to change our name! Instead of being called Nevada-Utah Conference, I want us to be called Nevada-Utah Cares. I want any individual that has ever been employed by this conference to say, “I might not make the highest wages, but this Conference cares with a level of Christ-like compassion that surpasses everyone else.” I would like to see people who have left the church come back because they feel that we care.

If you have been a member of this congregation for any length of time, I want to know: how many people have gone from our doors, but not our cities? This is personal to me, because my dad left the church around the time I was born. He still honored the Sabbath, he still would attend church with my mother and me on special occasions and he read his Bible and prayed daily. But I’m not sure he felt that those members who watched him leave cared enough to invite him back. The ones who leave may need us the most! The devil is drawing them away and discouraging them from ever returning. They are hurting. They need to be told that they are welcomed, wanted, and supported. Pray for them. Encourage them. They already made the decision for Jesus and to join the church. Let us welcome them back with Christ-like kindness.

We not only have opportunities to reach out to our own community, but also to the larger communities in which we live. I don’t know if you have noticed, but our conference—a vast mission field—is a magnet for tourist and visitors from all walks of life, countries and cultures. What are we doing to reach them? What are we doing to tell them that Jesus loves them? What are we doing to meet their earthly needs so they can look past those needs to see their need for Jesus? I would like to see us reach out to every one of those millions of visitors, so when they leave our borders, they do it saying Nevada-Utah cares! How do we make that happen?

I don’t have all the answers. However, I want to give you just one idea, that I call ‘The Well’.

Picture a trailer at the entrance to a national park in Utah. The trailer is full of water bottles with Bible texts about Jesus at the well, Jesus being the living water, and cards sharing Jesus’ invitation to drink and no longer be thirsty. I want those water bottles to say “I care, we care, and most importantly, Jesus cares about you.” I want an opportunity to plant a seed and water it.

Do my thoughts sound too idealistic? Maybe by human standards, but not by His! God can do anything—and a good place for us to start is prayer.

A final note; God is working in our conference. Tithe recently increased by 13.9%. Thank you, members, for continuing to give faithfully! Your contributions enable ministry to happen. We look forward to seeing more souls saved for God’s glory.

Karen Schneider, Treasurer

Nevada-Utah Conference…Cares!

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