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About Our Schools

Hear from our educators!

Anissa Johnson, 6-8th-grade teacher
Abundant Life Christian Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada
“Adventist Education is very important to me not only as a teacher but as a parent as well. I love being in an environment where I can address the students’ academic needs and guide them to develop Christ-like Characters. As a parent, it is very important to me that my children are surrounded by others with similar values. Adventist education is truly ‘something better.’”

Erin Rodriguez, head teacher
Bishop Adventist Christian School
Bishop, California
“Adventist education is great because we aim to teach to the whole person, encompassing the moral, physical, mental, and spiritual discipline of each student in the class. One way our classrooms are able to accomplish this is with traditionally smaller class sizes, making education more individualized. Students in these smaller classrooms form friendships that will last a lifetime, with the promise of eternity and the soon return of Jesus.”

Camille Hopkins, head teacher
Deamude Adventist Christian School
Ogden, Utah
“I love helping kids experience Jesus Christ in a real way, and watching them learn to trust in Him! There is nothing better than reading about Jesus in Language Arts, figuring out how many times Jesus said to forgive someone in Math class, and discovering the incredible world that God made in Science. I’m thrilled to have a role in leading children to the Kingdom!”

Jamie Francisco, head teacher
Fallon SDA Elementary School
Fallon, Nevada
“I believe in Seventh-day Adventist Education with my whole heart. You cannot find a better place for your children to learn Christian values and know that Jesus is coming back very soon to take us home! We provide a quality education, and our main focus is on Jesus. My students know that Jesus loves them and can’t wait to take them to live with Him in Heaven for eternity.”

Deborah Dahl, principal
Las Vegas Junior Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada
“I’m humbled that God has given me the opportunity to serve Him in this great system of education. ‘Educating for now and for eternity’, is truly what makes it great. Adventist education is great because it prepares God’s children to stand firm in the midst of seen and unforeseen troubling times which will ultimately provide an unwavering determination to stand for Jesus no matter the consequences. Victory in Jesus is the core of Adventist education and is what makes it great in my humble estimation.”

Dacyl Galicia-Silveira, kindergarten teacher, 9/10th Spanish, vice-principal
Las Vegas Junior Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada
“Adventist education is the greatest evangelistic tool our church has. Teachers in our system have received the highest calling to work with God’s children; a privilege to touch their young hearts for eternity. We have the possibility to bring parents to the feet of Jesus through the change in the hearts of their children. We have an opportunity to pray with our students and encourage them to commit to doing their best academically because our love for Jesus calls us to be the best we can be. Teachers in the Seventh-Day Adventist educational system have the honor of guiding their students to achieve the ultimate goal: to live for Jesus daily and to meet Him face to face.”

Stephanie Woodson, language arts teacher
Las Vegas Junior Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada
“As a product of Seventh-day Adventist Education, I strongly believe in Christian Education. Students are able to learn in an environment that accepts the expression of faith. They may come to realize that they are not simply lucky when good things happen, they are loved by a God who has a plan for their lives. As teachers of the Christian Education, we have the opportunity to explicitly share the love of Jesus and encourage our students to follow the principles and guidelines he has set for ALL His children to follow. I can’t wait to hear Him say ‘Well done!'”

Pam Mertz, administrative assistant
Summit Christian Academy
Salt Lake City, Utah
“Before the first child arrives for school in the morning, the teachers have prayed for their students, their students’ families, and for the wisdom, strength, and grace to serve in the very best possible ways. Christian life-skills are woven in practical ways into the experiences of the day. The children learn that God loves them, that the school staff loves them, and that we are all here to help them strive for personal excellence not only academically, but as well-rounded individuals.”

Shirley Verduzco, head teacher
Susanville Adventist Christian School
Susanville, California
“Seventh-day Adventist Education has been a life changing experience for me. I attended my first Seventh-day Adventist School at the age of 12, and now call my former teachers, my colleagues, and my friends. There is no greater privilege for me than sharing Jesus with my students because I realize first-hand the eternal difference, and mission that Adventist Education has been in my life. Thank you, Jesus!”