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Adventist Education

About Our Schools

The mission of Adventist education is to enable learners to develop a life of faith in God and to use their knowledge, skills, and understanding to serve God.  Our vision is for every learner to excel in faith, learning, and service, blending biblical truth and academic achievement to honor God and bless others. We believe that the students of today are the leaders of today and the future. To help each student achieve their greatest potential, the NUC schools utilize innovative and best practices to increase and support student learning.

The schools in the Nevada-Utah Conference follows the same set of elementary education standards required of all 729 Adventist elementary schools across North America. To learn more about these standards, click here.

Additionally, learn more about Standards for Student Learning in Adventist Schools here.

Adventist Education in the Pacific Southwest

To learn more about the Adventist preschools, elementary and secondary schools in the Pacific Southwest, click here!