Office Directory

Employees of the Nevada-Utah Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

The employees working throughout the Nevada-Utah Conference include pastors, educators and support staff who are dedicated to being the hands and feet of Jesus. Each employee is vital to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Listed below are the employees who support the work and ministry of our team in the field.

Individuals can be reached by dialing (775) 525 – followed by the person’s extension below.

Administrative Staff

Leon B. Brown, President x2001
Carlos Camacho, Executive Secretary x2016
Karen Schneider, Treasurer x2003

Office Staff

Michelle Ward, Administrative Assistant x2009
Karen Anders, Receptionist x2010
Faith Hoyt, Communications Intern x2005

Education Department

Fernando Lista, Superintendent of Schools x2006
Delberth Castillo, Education & Youth Administrative Assistant x2007

Business Department

Chris Furness, Associate Treasurer x2002
Joseph Murray, Accountant x2004
Brissa Castillo, Business Intern, Human Resources x2012

Ministry Directors

Jerry Waggoner, ACS Director
Debra Waggoner, ACS Associate Director
Guillermo Gucilatar, Asian-Pacific Ministries
Benjamin Carballo, Hispanic Ministries Coordinator
Joseph Cadiz, Prison Ministries & Literature Evangelism Director
Oneil Madden, Regional Ministries
Darriel Hoy, Youth Director
Nancy Crosby, Native American Ministries
Melody Darrow, Women’s Ministries