About GLOW

GLOW is a four-level program training church members to “sell or to give away our literature.” RH, Nov. 11, 1902

In each level church members are equipped with free literature to keep in their car and close by to hand out when the opportunity arises. The literature is received and replenished through the Publishing Ministries Coordinator (PMC) in the local church. The following paragraphs are simply an overview of the levels.

Four Level Program Structure

Level 1

Members in this level of participation are equipped with the packets of free literature to distribute. They then distribute it in a planned and intentional way using a pre-written list with ideas for distribution or coming up with new ways of distribution themselves. No doors are knocked in this level.

Level 2

Members in this level join to form a literature distribution team for their local church in which they learn how to effectively go door to door while taking surveys, finding Bible study interests, and distributing free literature or flyers to upcoming evangelistic series. This level includes GLOW-Advance. This is above and beyond their regular distribution of literature of Level 1 participants.

Level 3

In this level, members are now trained to sell magabooks door to door. We are currently in the process of developing an Adult Canvassing School.  The tentative starting date will be February 2011.

Level 4

In level four, members are trained and equipped to sell the Bible Stories, Bible Reference Library, and other hardcover books in an assigned territory. Books and training are received in the same way as level three.

Publishing Ministries Coordinator (PMC) For Local Church

This church member is the cornerstone of the Literature Evangelism work in each church. They must be chosen and accept their position and responsibilities before any presentation is given to recruit the church members themselves. Their job description includes being the pipeline of communication between the church and the Conference Literature Ministries Director as well as maintaining and growing levels one and two in their church. A more detailed list of their job description can be downloaded from the website on the “How to Make Your Church GLOW” file.

Literature Ministries Coordinator

Conference Literature Ministries Coordinators oversee the work done in the conference, obtain literature in bulk at discounted prices from entities such as Pacific Press, and supply them to the local churches through the PMC. They also coordinate conference LE rallies, retreats, and training sessions for members at all levels. Literature Ministries Directors are to invest in and communicate with their inner circle of PMC’s. They should also make sure that everything is going smoothly and that everyone has the encouragement, training, and equipment that they need.

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