Literature Evangelism and Prison Ministries

Literature Evangelism and Prison Ministries

While Jesus was here on this earth, He taught His followers to spread the good news of the gospel with others. He also taught them to care for others needs. His words in Matthew 25:35-36 are a call to His disciples to extend compassion toward those who need fellowship—the sick, the poor, the prisoner. Through Literature and Prison Ministries, believers in the Nevada-Utah Conference encourage their neighbors with friendship and hope.

This ministry depends on volunteers and welcomes any who would like to get involved!

Youth Rush

Are you a young person seeking a rewarding summer job? Apply to Youth Rush! This 10-week summer canvassing program usually begins in early June and ends in mid-August. Students go door-to-door to distribute Christian literature. Certain SDA schools provide a matching scholarship in addition to your canvassing earnings. Youth Rush offers a completely unique mission-based experience that is tailored to grow your spirituality and network with other young people who love God.


When it comes to God’s true church—the people who keep the testimony of God and the faith of Jesus—there needs to be unity. This is why Thrive was created. Thrive recruits a company of young, talented, self-sacrificing volunteers. These volunteers are not paid, but each one has a desire and passion to give back to the community by working full-time for God.  Our volunteers are skilled in multiple areas: Bible work, canvassing, medical missionary work, and lifestyle coaching; just to name a few. They train church members to use their skills to work together as one by uniting the ministries of the church.  Click here to learn how you can support this ministry!


Joseph Cadiz has served as the Literature and Prison Ministries Director at the Nevada-Utah Conference since January of 2017. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in Biological Sciences, and a Certificate in Theology from SOULS West Bible College in Literature and Urban Ministries. Joseph is a native of the Philippines and is married to Sheela Cadiz.

Joe Cadiz, Literature Evangelism / Prison Ministries Director
(702) 807-8805