Medical / Dental

All full-time employees working 30+ hours a week are eligible for medical insurance through Ascend to Wholeness. Employees may choose between two plans: Accelerate or Access Plan. To compare the two plans, please click on the “Plan Comparison Summary” document below. For more information about the plans, visit

All new hires (full-time) must enroll or waive medical coverage within the first week of employment. If no selection is made, the employee will not be eligible for medical coverage until open enrollment. After new hire enrollment, changes will not be accepted unless they meet a qualifying life event:

  • Birth or Legal Adoption of Child
  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Termination or gain employment or medical coverage elsewhere
  • Dependent reaches the age of 26

The “Change Request Form” and supplying documentation must be completed and returned to within 30 days of the event.


Health Care Contribution Rates – Access & Accelerate Plans
Employee Only $75/month or

$37.50/pay period

Employee + Spouse $115/month or

$57.50/pay period

Employee + Dependent $115/month or

$57.50/pay period

Employee + Family $145/month or

$72.50/per pay period



2019 Plan Comparison

2019 Accelerate Plan

2019 Access Plan