Native American Ministries

Native American Ministries

The Adventist churches on the reservations are more than just “regular churches.’ They are mission churches who minister to a long forgotten people in our own backyard, people waiting for the good news of Jesus’ power and freedom from sin.

…and these churches need your help.

Consider this statistic.

Right now on Navajo Nation reservations, there is approximately one Adventist for every 1,000 people. The Navajo Nation is a mission field, a neglected mission field here in the United States.

About the Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation covers 27,000 square miles across several states in the Pacific Southwest. It is larger than Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont combined. It has a population of 341,128. The Navajo Nation Reservation has the highest rates of suicide, alcoholism, and diabetes in the United States. The unemployment rate is 48.5% on the reservation. The needs on the reservation are huge and the workers are very few.

How we’re getting involved

The Adventist churches on the reservations are more than just “regular churches.” They are mission churches. The church in Kayenta is committed to serving the Navajo people through various ministries and outreach programs. From hosting health seminars and clothing giveaways, to drug and alcohol recovery programs, we are focused on living God’s love in the Navajo Nation.

How you can get involved

Here are a few great ways to get involved:

  • Short and long-term missions to Kayenta (Biblework, painting, greenhouse construction, remodeling)
  • Financial support
  • Commit to pray for our ministry every day

The possibilities are endless! To learn more, contact Nancy Crosby, Nevada-Utah Conference & Pacific Union Native Ministries Director

217-322-2516    |

The needs on the reservation are huge, and the workers are very few.

Members in Kayenta pose at the steps to their church. Photo credit: James Crosby, 2017