New Employee Forms

New Employee Forms

All new, local employees must have the approved minutes (voted by church/school board and executive committee) submitted to the office in order to proceed with the forms below.

New Hire Forms

Direct Deposit Form

I-9 2018

New Hire Process – Local

NUC Application

NV Workplace Safety-Brochure

Retirement Participation

W4 2018

Conflict of Interest Form

Background and Training Information

The following documentation must be submitted to the office with the board and executive committee meeting minutes immediately following approval of the new hire.

NPC (National Child Protection Act) – VCA (volunteers for Children Act) Applicant Notice

All Nevada employees and volunteers must read and complete the following NCPA-VCA Applicant form.

NCPA-VCA Applicant Notice

2017 Fingerprint Background Waiver

Verified Volunteers

All NUC employees and volunteers are required to complete the Verified Volunteers training session and background check before their start date. Please follow the instructions on the following form and email the certificate of completion to

VV Adventist