New Hire Process

New Hire Process Overview

The documents listed below need to be submitted to HR prior to
approval by the NUC Personnel Committee.


The forms listed below need to be collected from the new hire
as close as possible to start date and then promptly submitted to HR.


During the first week the new hire should learn how to access and
use the following resources and websites.

Please be aware that if this step is initiated before receiving a confirmation email with the effective date of employment from HR, that you could be subject to a $1000 fine for unauthorized employment.


Please use the Personnel Action Request (PAR) Form to submit the
following changes to HR as soon as possible.

Employment Status
Pay Rate
Work Location
Job Title/Description
Employee Mailing Address
     – Board minutes stating the voted approval action for the termination
     – Resignation letter (if applicable)

Please note there are legal requirements for when an employees is issued their final paycheck. Please notify the HR department of a termination immediately or else you could be subjected to a fine of $120.00 per day.