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The ministry of the treasurer is essential to the smooth operation of your church. As the one who handles assets and records of financial transactions, you are entrusted with the precious monies of the church to fulfill what God has called us to do. On behalf of the Nevada-Utah Conference, thank you for your dedication to this work. Your integrity and faithfulness to the role of treasurer is a blessing to every member of your congregation.

Below is a list of resources that may help you in your role. Please contact the Nevada-Utah Conference office if you have any questions or need any assistance.

NAD Offering Calendar

2019 Offering Schedule

2019 Offering Reading Booklet

Recommended reading

Church Treasurer – Quick Start Guide – English

Church Treasurer – Quick Start Guide – Spanish

Treasurer Ministry Description


Policy and Guidelines

Reimbursement Summary Worksheet

Request for Disbursement of Evangelism Funds (Advance)

Helpful links

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